Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Chapter

A new chapter, a new dawn, a new blank slate. Despite being perhaps the most timeworn metaphors that pop up alongside our fresh lists of resolutions, I think these words still hold power to drive people to wake up, to stand up, and to work on becoming better versions of themselves in the next 365 (or is it 366?) days of their lives. They are still some people’s only wick of light amid the gloom that might have veiled their previous year; they are still some people’s tank of hope after an exhausting quest to get past twelve-month-ful of hurdles. Sure, the year 2015 could not have been all hardships, but nothing re-energizes us more than an opportunity to start anew.

So whatever your clich├ęd “new” somethings this 2016 may be, embrace them and let them propel you forward. Grab this chance to fire yourself afresh, to wash away the bittersweet aftertaste of 2015 that might still be hitchhiking on your back. Make this your year your best one yet!


  1. Hi, Ekai! Sorry for the late response, I still don't really know how to navigate blogger via phone and it's acting up whenever I try replying to a comment. I hope this one gets through. THANK YOU SO MUCH! People seldom go 'round here, I guess, so thanks for stopping by. ;) Stay awesome!