Friday, November 20, 2015

The 'Little Prince' Little Babel Hunt!

Ever since I fell in love with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince around 15 years ago, I pledged to embark on a little (dork-ish) mission of collecting its various editions in all possible languages. I wanted to have a 'tribute' space for it in my shelves that I can label "The Little Prince Around the World," something perhaps that you may tag as a shrine. I imagine it's going to be a beautiful babel of paperbacks for one timeless story.

 I started with an English copy, of course; I also have one in my own tongue, the Filipino translation that can still make me giggle when I read parts of it. And today, I chanced upon a French edition--THE STORY IN ITS ORIGINAL LANGUAGE! I had to clamp down my shriek when I found it, had to dodge curious looks from fellow book-shoppers when I clutched the copy close to me. I also had to insist that Yes, Ms.Cashier, I know it's in French and I'm still going to buy it! ;)  Frankly I have a long, long way to go with this mission: The Little Prince is translated in 250 languages! Good luck to me, right? If I'm lucky enough, I might even find a copy of it in Braille.

 So...I guess you guys know now what to give me this Christmas? Kidding...not. Maybe. Haha!


  1. Oh, how I wish I knew you wanted a copy of it in all languages before. I was in Japan for two years (came home last October 2015) and I often saw it in my fave bookstores but I didn't know anyone who would want to read it in Japanese. When I do get back and find a copy, I'll send you a message so I can give you one. :) - one of your lurker fans, Rei