Friday, January 2, 2015

Books that rocked my 2014

The bulks of offline commitments I had in 2014 proved a lot of things, and one of them is this: they may turn me into an online Janey-Come-Lately by divorcing me from my laptop, but they could never really tear me off the books I wanted to read. ;)

However, I must admit that the number of books I read last year had dropped a  few notches from the number of novels I flipped through in 2013 (needless to say, I failed to complete my GoodReads challenge). I’m just so glad that most of what I decided to pick turned out to be paperback jackpots, thanks to some of my bibliophile-friends’ recommendations.

Before I move on to new novels this year, I present here some of my favorite 2014 reads  in no particular order:

Check out my lists of top lit picks for the previous years:
*reviews to follow

Happy new year, booknuts! I hope you find lots and lots of amazing novels this year, and I hope you get to spread the love by telling other people about them. :)

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