Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Giving Journal 2.0

The busy lot can see it from afar like a pack of mad buffaloes: the entrance of new year spells new sets of to-do’s, goals, and events. In order not to get lost in another chaos of e-reminders and the clutter of cheap sticky notes (which are universally known to betray their name when they somehow decide to pretend like leaves in autumn), I got myself a new planner. And just like last year, I got the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Giving Journal.

CBTL’s 2014 and 2015 Giving Journal

May I confess something? CBTL’s 2014 Giving Journal is the first planner that I was able to use from start to end. My previous planners/diaries often get, say, neglected halfway through the year. I think there’s just so much going on with the Giving Journal that tied me to it to the end, particularly the way it encourages its owner to live a balance life through reflections, weekly habits, and challenges. This is contrary to a regular planner’s purpose of just focusing on ticking off every item in a to-do list. It proved to be very helpful considering that I did manage to improve some areas in my life (i.e. health and fitness) so I decided to get their 2015 edition.

I’m also a sucker for good designs! When I found out that last year’s journal resembles a coffee shop menu chalkboard—complete with its texture and white chalk smudges—I knew I just had to get it. This year’s journal is a little simpler than the last, but its minimalistic design is still appealing. Oh, and I always choose the brown ones. :)

A peek into my GJ-2015

I have started using my new Giving Journal after completing the twelve stamps I needed to acquire it. Here is the first calendar-panels spread of the planner, featuring the last three days of 2014 continuing to 2015:

For the curious, the doodle on the right-hand side is about my current “Doerr Hangover” as induced by Anthony Doerr’s bestselling novel All the Light We Cannot See. The text contains lines lifted from the draft of my book review for it; the scribbled little boy there is my favorite character, Werner Pfennig. This year’s planner provides extra blank pages, so I think it is going to be a true-blue cross between a journal and an art book.

A peek into my GJ-2014

Another confession? Initially, the purpose of this post is so I can share some doodles and handwritten typography from my last Giving Journal. Unlike the previous years, I barely posted any art in 2014 so I thought about making up for it at the last minute. Then I figured it would not hurt sharing something about the journal itself, so that’s what I did. :)

Anyhow, I only included ones that are mostly lyrics from some songs that I have probably listened to while working or quotes that I use to encourage myself when I anticipate long, hard slogs in particular months. I have better drawings, but they contain a few info that I deem a little too personal to post here. Hope these ones will suffice!


From left to right, clockwise: a line from Gotye’s Somebody that I Used to Know; a line from Paramore’s Last Hope; a calendar panel showing my birthday; and a line from Automatic Loveletter’s Parker.


Above features a line from The Submarine’s song Sub-Symphonika; below is reminder of what my attitude should be on October, a rather busy month in our office.


I missed working on real art, and hopefully in the coming year I will be able to find the time to do just that. Happy new year, folks! *scoots out and tries to finish other year-end posts*

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