Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fangirlism v.2.0: Slinky-bouncing back to FFN

I haven’t blogged properly since December last year.

All right, I know that in my long absence you expect me to say something deeper or more interesting than The Obvious, but allow me my moment here. I’ve became so swamped with work that I barely had time to blog on a regular basis—let alone finish reading a thin book in less than a week! But that doesn’t  mean I’m not writing anymore outside all the business news digests and newsletter contents at work. This year, I came back to fanfiction-writing again.

You read that right. Being a fan of something isn’t just a phase. Regardless of age—no matter how far you think you’ve gone away from it—if you toss one look back, you will find yourself slinky-bouncing your way back. At least that’s what happened in my case. ;)

In breaking my years-long hiatus at FFN, I shed my previous pseud Schizoid Sprite and started writing under the penname kokopelle after my favorite Native American deity, Kokopelli. The name change has no real significant reason aside from the fact that I want to mark this as a new “chapter” in my reentry to creating fan works.

It was on January 06 that I officially started writing fics again. Since then I’ve finished three oneshots that are about 1600+ words each. They are a part of a series entitled Love and Other Explosive Items (the title of which I filched from a certain YA novel I haven’t read yet). I’m aiming the series to clock out at most 30 oneshots by the end of June. I have to admit I’m not doing a very good job, since I only have the following ficlets to date. Here they are with short summaries:

Love and Other Explosive Items
6 / 30 (20.00%)

  • Blind Spot. Who is more likely to develop a blind spot in the love department—Her Royal Haughtiness of Romafeller, or the Winner kid who abandoned teatime for making mincemeat out of enemy mobile suits and feeling sorry about it? Dorothy and Quatre find the answer in their unconventional chess match.
  • The Shippables. Just because you ship them doesn’t mean they can’t ship, too. Dorothy, Trowa, and a rather annoyed Quatre discuss shipping. No, seriously.
  • Birds, Bees, and Bad Girls. Our pilots might maneuver mech titans around to smash enemies, but they were still teenagers then. Quatre realizes this in one of his most embarrassing experiences during the war, which, in a more embarrassing way, he had to relay to Dorothy.
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Weddings. How does a groom obliviously make his bride take back her "I Do" in the middle of the wedding? Let Quatre count...imagine…er, figure out the ways.
  • Paramour. Sleep-talking gives secrets away. Through one such episode, Dorothy finds out who Quatre’s “mistress” is, and she plays a game to make Quatre admit it.
  • Etymologies. Looks like it’s Dorothy who’s doing the romantic “extra-curriculars” in this relationship, after all. Quatre tries to confront Dorothy about it.
You can also read the series here at A03.

I planned to post a ficlet every other week, but now I’m  going on two straight weeks without even a draft or an outline. To snag my muse back, I look at the pretty official art the creators are churning out recently, like this:

Quatre and Dorothy

Obviously I chose this image because it features Quatre and Dorothy, my OTP. :p Anyway, I am trying harder to write again for this fandom. There’s so, so much potential in it! Back when I couldn’t quite coax out a coherent plotline, what I do is analyze the heck out of the characters in meta-essays, like these:
  • View from a Thinking Playpen: Dorothy Catalonia. In which I blather about one of the most underappreciated characters in the show and how her Machiavellian chess game on the Eve Wars backfired badly.
  • View from a Thinking Playpen: Trowa Barton. In which I talk about how Trowa isn’t as empty as he thought he is, and how some words had left a dent in him deeper than he thought they would have.
  • Puncturing my Thought Balloons: On Catherine and Dorothy.
  • Sparring Aboard Libra. As you can see, I don’t have the ability to shut up when it comes to Dorothy’s character, so here’s  an extra look into her… and how Quatre Winner has become both her “nemesis and savior” in a single episode. It kind of turns into a mini-4xD manifesto at the end and I regret nothing. Well, what do you expect? Shippers gonna ship.
  • Bro-Fist: 01 and 03 style. What’s a set of GW meta without a piece about pilot bromance? Here’s my take on Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton’s relationship. I ship them hard…as partners. :)
  • Shades of Gray. Not that Shades of Grey, no whips or fuzzy handcuffs here. Here I talk about how there are no major black or white, cookie-cutter hero or villain in the show.
So yes, my lurker times have come to an end! I'm back in the fandom as an active participant...hopefully for a long time. :)

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