Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cover Up!

I have an OCD-ish streak when it comes my books. Some people believe you should pour a part of yourself into the book you’re reading—it should end up dog-eared, there should be coffee stains on the pages, or telltale remnants of penciled notes on the margins…but I’m not like that. If I could make them look as if I’ve just taken them off the bookstore shelf, I would.

That’s why I always have them wrapped with plastic. I’ve always loved the ones with matte finish because they seem to be the best ‘clothes’ to paperbacks, given their texture. But when I’ve used Cover Up!, a self-adhesive  plastic cover, I guess my matte favorites would have to step down a notch. ;)

Cover Up! sticks to your books like a true second skin. The covers come in plain and prints, the latter of which you can use not only for books but also for journals, planners, notebooks, and the like. The prints are beyond adorable—I got myself the burger-and-fries one, but they also have crafty fish-and-cat, dark roses, and cupcakes.

Oh, and they are on sale this February! Feel free to visit Cover Up!’s official Facebook page for more details.


You can purchase Cover Up! in Fully Booked Rockwell, The Fort, Greenbelt 5, SM North EDSA: The Block, and Trinoma.

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