Friday, September 13, 2013

Here we go again: Detour 22

Sorry for being a negligent little blogger! This was supposed to be posted months ago. (Also sorry for automatically pulling off this apology template whenever I break my frequent hiatuses and then force you to look back. I sound like a poor parakeet.) Anyway, this one’s for my birthday, August 24. We only had a simple celebration with my family. Instead of posting photos, I thought about just putting up a simple doodle:

22ndbirthday - Copy
Birthday Wishes
Time breezes by so fast—it seems like only yesterday when I turned 21. Right now, all I can ask for is everything in the above speech balloon(s)… and maybe a little bit of guidance from the Big Guy Upstairs. Quarter life crisis isn’t so much of a fun romp. Haha.

Be that as it may, I can say I’m happy right now. Perhaps not always, and not overly, completely-without-problems, all-is-right-in-freaking-the-world happy, but happy just the same. There are days when I want to just break down, but when I look at the bright side of  things, I can feel a genuine spark of gladness in my heart. Perhaps all I need to do is nurture it with hope and faith. :)

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