Saturday, August 3, 2013

Penny for your thoughts (v.01)

Just when you thought you’ve passed the threshold of being an emotional train wreck when you left teenagedom, that you’ve shaken off being a problem-magnet from your system, that you’re off to a new start and can master to not falter from there…you feel that sob threatening to break out of your throat.

And it’s all right. Crying is all right.

Just believe that as long as you clutch tightly onto your stars, you have a lighthouse in your heart. You will not be lost. Let the tears flow; they are liquid punctuations in the history of your journey. They are necessary in this story. When they dry, look up and expect.

Expect more humps in the road. Expect rains. Expect changes. Expect hard punches. Expect mouths that will speak of judgments wrapped in pretty words when all you want are ears that will listen. Expect people to watch out for your mistakes, to chalk those up on your tally sheet of life errors so they can shove it to your face. Expect people to drag you down because they can’t drag themselves up. Expect problems to mushroom where you least expect them. Expect failure, expect failure, expect failure.

Expect the worst, but hope and work for the best. Sometimes, the best plans do not compose of looking straight into the far future with long scrolls of “plans” in your hands. Sometimes, for a time, putting one foot in front of the other is enough.