Friday, August 2, 2013

Gundam Inanities

In my book, anything Gundam-related is worth a post…even if it’s just about me bragging a new tank top. Haha! Well, it’s probably the coolest I have:

gundaam - Copy - Copy

The MS head silhouette there wasn’t from any of the Gundams in GW (it belongs to RX-78-2), but I took it anyway. The GUNDAM PILOT on it is more than enough. I wore this with a jacket on my first watch of  Pacific Rim. Hey, you can’t fault me for not finding a Jaeger Pilot shirt!

Since we’re already talking about Gundams, here are a few links that mech-lovers out there might be interested in checking out:
  • The Gundam Pixel Project. Stumbled upon this cute little project when the account liked one of my posts on Tumblr. Basically the owner is just breaking down all mobile suits—in all Gundam shows—into pixelly little heads. He’s light years away from the After Colony era, but I’m eagerly waiting for the Wing-heads. :)
  • Zeonic Scanlations. I’m only trying to follow his releases on Glory of the Defeated (and sometimes his summaries for Frozen Teardrop), but any Gundam fan should check out this site. Run by such a dedicated guy.

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