Thursday, June 6, 2013

State of the Barrow Jane Address :)

Many posts ago, I blogged about the time I christened my part of the bedroom as the Barrow Jane. I got it from Mike Carey’s Lucifer graphic novels, a chunk of home floating in a wide vast of nothingness. (Hokey time! I’m not saying that our house’s other parts are not home, because they are, but the Barrow Jane is special as I’ve made it  an extension of myself.)

Anyway, I reckoned last week that the whole thing needed some kind of renovation. Here’s what it looks like at the foot of the bed:

There are more than a hundred books there, heaped up in such a way that they won’t take up so much space. My father scrapped the idea of furnishing the bunk with a hanging shelf; it if it would contain that number of books, the shelf has to stretch all the way to the other side of the room. The shelves in the living room (which are originally intended for CDs and DVDs), were crammed with my older books now. For the mean time, I think these babies will stay there for a while.

Excuse the riotous mess of the Barrow Jane. Those walls are going bared in the coming days as I plan to tape my “updated life” on them through pictures and posters. I’m going to retain a few, probably those Gundam Wing official art print-outs, the Bazooka Rocks poster, and the Devil May Cry poster that a friend gave me when we went out to try the videogame reboot in a mall. The band photos have all but faded so they need to go. I’m still thinking about what I should do with doodles…probably keep them in my drawers, where my mighty realm of art supplies and artworks reside (which reminds me—I still have to name the place. Shut up, that’s how I roll.)

Except for the obvious fact that I should clean the whole place, I’d appreciate a few more suggestions as to how I can “beautify” my beloved abode-in-an-abode. Anyone? ;)

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