Thursday, May 23, 2013


British wordsmiths may possess the greatest of writing magic when it comes to fiction, but I have to say that Australian authors have the most “human” of writing materials. Based on my recent readings, it’s either the Down Under is home to some of the most amazing writers or I’m just stumbling upon the best of their lot. ;) Well, I have Garth Nix, Melina Marchetta, and of course Markus Zusak! I found out that Zusak’s adeptness at his craft isn’t just a one-time deal. The Book Thief isn’t his only great work. I am the Messenger is equally amazing.

I tweeted him weeks ago about how I feel about his work, and he replied:


Just reading it again makes my feelings shoot up in a high level of giddy! Haha. Yes, friends, this post is just about this tweet (don't rain on my parade!). After reading I Am the Messenger, I swear that I’d pick up Zusak’s earlier works. He is just that kind of author whose writing style I wish I have! Hopefully, I can meet him in person and thank him for inspiring me not just in being an aspiring writer, but in life in general.

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