Friday, March 8, 2013

Color Manila Run (Blogberry Uplate)

What’s better than going through hurricanes of pulverized rainbows? Doing it with your friends! Last January 6, the Gala girls turned into human canvases  as we tumbled and dashed through gigantic puffs of polychrome in Color Manila Run. It’s a fun run that gives nods to Holi, India’s Festival of Colors, with a touch that would effortlessly lure out health buffs from their nooks. Give the zombie chasers a rest, yes? Time to get crazy with Crayola hues!

…and a millisecond later, a car honked at us.

I’m covering the event for our magazine’s February issue (I think it’s still available in bookstores, so please grab a copy! The post-event coverage there was more comprehensive and readable than these bloggery inanities, haha!). Bonifacio Global City was teeming with life even before the break of dawn; there were lots of lively warm up, dancing, and animated chatting. Just imagining how everybody’s immaculate white shirts would be spattered with every hue imaginable was enough to get me extremely excited! Our gaggle was part of the 1.5km wave, so we’ve got time to watch the others run before our turn.

“I’ll roll on the ground just to get the colors to stick onto my shirt,” I remarked—initially in jest—when we noticed how the colored powders weren’t doing much to “paint” the runners of 10km, 5km, and 3km.
“I would, too,” Pola agreed eagerly. “So? Game?”

We were tense with excitement as we watched the timer’s nixies deplete to zero. And we did as planned: we rolled onto the carpets of pink and yellow and purple. We became instant favorites of cameramen and videographers because of that; we even ended up in the event’s official teaser video for the organizers’ next run.

colorrun3 Japan trip frustration: I’ll pretend those are powdered cherry blossoms.

It was only Sir Ferdie who stayed true to the “run” part. The rest of us just latched onto the “fun” part, walking and jogging, leaping in front of the “color guns” and photo-bombing our way to the finish line. Everybody got a medal. We also snatched packets of the colored powders, as we were told that we’re going to be a part of the first ever Color Festival in the country. :p

ColorRun2Walkathoners ‘til the end!

A few minutes after nine, everybody  was told to go to the activity area. It took us some time before the crowd grew in the middle, as the sun was already up and was starting to send out its scorching rays. But gather we did and soon enough, the whole BGC was engulfed in clouds of colors:


The whole thing was leaning heavier on the foggy side than the colorful side, to be quite honest. Gala girls who went to another color run (Live More Run) said the powder used on the latter was more vibrant, but that didn’t actually deter us from enjoying this. We could even say it’s one of the happiest and most memorable runs we’ve participated in (Outbreak Manila’s anniversary special was just around the corner, but since it’s still not happened yet, we’re going to tag CMR as the most fun).


Like scores of other runners, we went to McDonald’s and grabbed our brunch, ignoring the curious glances of people at our unwashed appearance.

Soon: Color Manila Nite Run…maybe. :p

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