Friday, March 22, 2013

Book-to-screen news!

Apologies for not regularly updating this  little online abode of mine! I hope you’re still there and that you’re forgiving my being asleep at switch, blogger-wise. Lots of things have happened both in my offline and online world, and here’s a book-related chunk of the latter that you might have missed (or not):

YA Heroine Jackpot: Shaileen Woodley
Casting announcements about two of the most popular YA titles today—Veronica Roth’s Divergent and John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars—brought fans in a screaming frenzy. Not of the purely positive kind, of course, since a lot of them naturally engaged in a heated volleyball of opinions about the casting. Shaileen Woodley landed the role of Tris Prior in Divergent and Hazel Grace Lancaster in TFiOS. What do you think?


I haven’t seen her act but like what I did with Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen, I’m giving her a chance. There must be really good reasons why she’s chosen and why the authors seem so glad to have her in the forefront of their masterpieces. I’ve no complaints looks-wise (I’ve stopped expecting there are actors that would look exactly like what I’ve imagined them in the pages).  Hey, never underestimate the power of Hollywood makeup! In the mean time, I’ll pick up The Descendants or check a few episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager to see what suddenly made everyone think she’s perfect for the roles of leading girls in gigantic franchises (I just realized she’s also playing Mary Jane Watson in The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

See Divergent’s IMDB page | See EW’s article on Shaileen’s involvement with TFiOS

Jellicoe Road film update:I was told that Jellicoe Road is going to be turned into a movie not long after I finished rereading the book, and I’m beyond excited! I used to be overprotective of my favorite novels when it comes to movie adaptations, but I’ve learned to love the screen translations for a number of reasons (first one is that the movie will be a good instrument to point more people to the source material).

Melina Marchetta

Here’s a snippet from the script as posted by Melina Marchetta in her blog:

TAYLOR: So who’s their captain?
(Ben painfully unbuttons his shirt. Written across his chest in green paint are the words: I AM.)
BEN: He seemed to think you’d know who “I am” is.

Props to you if you’ve read Jellicoe Road and know who “I am” is! Dang. How can Marchetta cram a lot of intense personality in just two words? Have I mentioned that I’m excited?! On a recent interview with Hypable, Marchetta says they believe it will be “an international film, and you can’t make an international film if you don’t have international names…It’s just the two leads, as in Jonah and Taylor, they will have to be international leads. My rule is that I’m totally fine about that, except they have to be the right person for the role, rather than just an international name.”

Anna Dressed in Blood to be developed into a movieLast January, I tweeted Kendare Blake about the rumors of Anna Dressed in Blood being developed into a movie. And guess what? Good news! It certainly is! But my heart is only half-celebrating, as it is Stephenie Meyer’s production company that’s doing the work.


I’m not jumping on the hate bandwagon, it’s just I’ve seen the kind of ‘artistic abilities’ Meyer possesses. I love Anna Dressed in Blood so much and I’d be glad to see it unfurl in the big screen…but I’ve always hoped it will happen in the hands of the right people. Ha. Well, I guess that as long as Meyer doesn’t touch a pen in the movie’s production (leave that to Blake!) then I’ll live.

See LA Times’ article about this  item.


  1. Did you see that they have cast The Book Thief?? I didn't even know it was being filmed!
    (I kind of wished it would be in German, but that's unrealistic I suppose.. haha)
    It'll be weird as a movie. Will Death even be there?

    1. GOLLY! I didn't know! 2014 looks seriously good for YA-adapted films. I'm particularly excited for this one! I'm kind of hoping they'll cast Death as a visible character and not just as a voice over. His 'myth-busting' humor--the skeleton and scythe cliche and all that jazz--would be more intensified. I love Zusak's Death! :))

    2. Oh yes I can see him looking like a very regular-looking person/something. Something like that would be fun. But if it's just a voice over, I don't know. I don't really like them. I thought possible they're gonna take Death out it completely. Just tell a story about Germans and books and a boxer..