Monday, January 21, 2013

The Whereabouts of Happy Ending

When I’m having a [severely enjoyable] book hangover, I tend to lurk in my iTunes library and click at random tracks that may remind me of my favorite scenes in a novel. Not counting my non-lit fandoms, I’ve never really pulled a full music-chemist stunt up until last weekend. That was when, with my head still reeling with the bleak beauty of Antonia Michaelis’ The Storyteller, I decided to take my book-and-music marriage to the next level.

My plan to make an fanmix/playlist somehow turned into the creation of an actual mix-CD! Check it out!

Cover Art

I call it The Whereabouts of Happy Ending. It zeroes in on the romance facet of the story, aka Anna Leemann and Abel Tannatek’s relationship. You can listen to the mix on 8track or download it from sharebeast.

Track listing:
  1. Waking Dream (Natalie Walker) 
  2. The Story (30 Seconds to Mars)
  3. A Sorta Fairytale (Tori Amos)
  4. Poison & Wine (The Civil Wars)
  5. If I Had a Gun… (Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds)
  6. The Killing Moon (Nouvelle Vague)
  7. Trouble Sleeping (The Perishers)
  8. Tiny Heart (Flyleaf)
  9. Open Your Eyes (Andrew Belle)
  10. Fade Away (Automatic Loveletter)
  11. The Ice is Getting Thinner (Death Cab for Cutie)
  12. In the Mourning (Paramore)
Committing a crime here, of course. I didn’t include any Leonard Cohen song on purpose, but that will be rectified on Vol. 2. Note that this mix heavily leans on the fanon side, since I’ve given Abel a more vocal presence here compared to the book. :p

CD Design

Here’s what it looks like on the inside! I’m aware that using the brown-yellow-orange color scheme is a little erroneous since it’s redolent of autumn, but I can’t help it. There was just something about these shades that suggest lightness, but one that isn’t quite equivalent to complete happiness. Never mind the white-to-blue winter scheme that I should have used; I can always save that for Volume 2. And hey, I think putting a little spice of dichotomy in things like this is always nice.

“Nothing was perfect, but everything was all right. The light was just never blue” is a quote from the book, spoken by Anna.

Inside cover
There wasn’t an initial plan to write or draw anything on the back of the cover art pamphlet, but the paint and Sharpie lines of the bike drawing bled out. I had to paint the back black. Getting myself a silver pen just made the itch to doodle a tad more irresistible, so here’s what happened.

“Sometimes, I don’t even know if I’m extremely happy or extremely sad. It happens a lot when I think of you,” is another Anna quote. Those headphone wires end into the words “white noise” because I can’t draw a Walkman that’s what Abel’s listening to when he wants to drown out the world for a while.

I’m on a re-reading spree lately. I think I might be able to make mixes for my other favorite books. I’m eyeing Paolo Giordano’s The Solitude of Prime Numbers and some of Neil Gaiman’s and John Green’s books. :)


  1. Hi just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award

    1. Thank you, Stella! I appreciate it a lot! I'll check out the post when I get home. :)

  2. That is totally awesome! I may have to re-create that mix on Spotify....

  3. i want a mix for TFioS! @.@ *jealous* I wish I could make one of these, or just draw something like that. I just don't have the talent and a wide array of music in my playlist. Nice! :))

    1. Thanks! I'm eyeing The Fault in Our Stars actually, but I'm still trying to find songs that may fit the story. And hey, I bet you can draw one of these too. Doodles are the easiest. ;)