Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glass half-full.

Sometimes I imagine myself in a science fiction-y world where things like hope, optimism, and confidence come in the form of pills. Like, if I become weak-kneed with hopelessness, all I have to do is down a handful of tablets and poof! everything will be okay. I’ll suddenly be very confident, and even if I’m in a seemingly no-win situation, I’ll be able to find a way to get through it with good results.

Too bad such a world doesn’t exist.

I’m not exactly a subscriber to making resolutions when the calendar changes, but 2012 made me realize a lot of things…like it held up a mirror in front of me and I see, for the first time, the things that I should let go this year. And the top three?
  • I should banish the fear in my heart. Even if there’s never a shortage of I-can-do-this mantras in my system, even if I continually tell myself I’m not afraid to get hurt, there are always fleeting threads of fear that get tangled up inside me. I' realize I’m afraid of many things—of making the wrong decision, especially. But hey, mistakes are gifts, right? Life is a never-ending lesson, so I might as well get the most of it. If I ever make a decision, I shouldn’t label it as “wrong” if it didn’t turn out the way I expected. It’s always “right,” because at some point in time, I followed my heart to choose that decision.
  • I’ll walk in the present but oversee the future. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the moment, but it never hurts to look forward and see if your goal’s still there in the horizon. It’s not much of a juggle work, really. If I walk on and wallow too much in the present, I may not see if there’s a rock that can turn under my foot. I may stumble. I know I shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes, but hey—we have this little God-given gift called common sense. Might as well use it.
  • I’ll go where I know I’ll be happy. I guess that doesn’t need any explanation.
My Mickey Mouse pez dispenser may not be crammed with some futuristic kind of pill that can instantly make me feel okay, but as long as I keep the glass half-full at all times, I guess I don’t have to worry so much. Cheers to 2013!

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