Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doodles on tees

Juliet Elizze is a book buddy I met through Tumblr. She’s one of the many bookworms I converse with about my latest reads, particularly ones falling under the YA genre (our latest fangirl session is about Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood).

One time, she asked me for permission to use a couple of my doodles to be printed on her shirts. What else would my reaction be? I was flattered. I mean, who wouldn’t be? I’m just a nobody who scribble colored squiggles on paper until they form shapes and words. I’m just an ordinary literary geek like her!  Today, she DM’d me copious of apologies because she said she hasn’t included credits in the drawing. I assured her that I don’t mind, that her printing my work on her shirts is credit enough. :)

These are the shirts:


They’re my doodles from Paper Towns and The Sandman: The Kindly Ones! If anything, this was an early Christmas gift from an online friend. I haven’t even met her in person. If she’s reading this right now, I want her to know that she practically made my week. Thank you so much for this!

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