Monday, October 1, 2012

The Case of the Redhead Symphony Soldier

Joey Thunder, The Cab bassist

October has already stepped in but my throat is still practically sore from the two crazy nights I and a couple of my friends spent last month, squealing like rabid fangirls in the mall tours of alterna-pop/rock band The Cab. They were in the country originally to front for Maroon 5’s Overexposed tour concert, but they stayed for a few more days to do ‘free concerts’ in Ayala Malls.

Kit, Angel, and I knew early on that we’d be drowned with proofreading works when The Cab performs at Trinoma, so we decided to just watch them at Alabang Town Center (ATC)  the next day. Being the broke lassies we always are (lol), we weren’t able to enter the “pit” but still managed to squeeze ourselves against the barricades nearest the stage. It was one unforgettable night.

Admittedly, The Cab is not my favorite band—and they’re not really there up on the higher notches of my five-star ear-sweethearts. I won’t go on saying they are my least favorite, of course, because they are not. Why would I even come to their show? I enjoy a handful of their songs, and I happily bopped my head and sang my heart out when the group performed them (I and Angel agree that most of the tracks sound poppy and boy band-ish).

Allow me to use some space for a little bit of shallowness: I noticed Joey right off the bat because he’s ginger. Haha! I have this weird penchant for ginger musicians (they’re not in the same genre, but he’s currently sharing the throne with Tori Amos). After a little bit of Googling, I found out that he’s into arts, too; he draws, paints, and writes poetry. He's very family-oriented and transforms into a gooey pile of cheesiness when it comes to loved ones (guys who are not afraid to be like this rock!). Oh, and there’s a little bit of geek in him as well!


I can’t say he’s the best bassist I’ve ever listened too, but I can attest that he’s one musically talented dreamboat. :p I’ve seen him as a little restless beast onstage, head-banging, jumping around, and executing awkward dance steps all throughout the duration of the show.

Anyway, the show at ATC only lasted for about an hour and thirty minutes. Alex Marshall (keyboardist and guitarist) was one sweet guy, I realized. About halfway through the show, I was sing-screaming the lyrics so loud that he swiveled to look at our direction more than twice. He called one of the staff, handed the latter a guitar pick, and pointed at the still screaming me. The said staff maneuvered his way through the crowd and gave me the pick. :) I’d love it if Joey’s the one who gave it to me, but this is memorable enough!

Angel and I went again to their show at Glorietta, which is their last one—we managed to enter the fangirl pit this time because Angel got tickets from her cousin, who is working in Ayala Malls. I was rendered almost voiceless after that day, but it’s totally worth it because I saw Joey for two straight nights. :)


  1. Joooooooooeeeeeyyyyyy♥ <----- YOUR SCREAM! highest level of fangirling! ♥♥♥ haha!