Thursday, October 4, 2012

Japanese ‘Old Kingdom’


Two of the things I admire about Japan are their art and rich culture. It was during my high school days when I became fully immersed in these two: I found myself loving anime and manga, I delved into their mythologies (thanks to my Asian History classes), got myself interested in youkai’s and deities, and of course, got smitten with their quirky literature (Haruki Murakami).

So it was no surprise when I stumbled upon the cover arts of the Old Kingdom’s Japanese versions and instantly loved them. Above are Yumiko Ishibashi’s illustration for Sabriel and Abhorsen, featuring two of the main characters of the whole series. I adore how Ishibashi incorporated some Eastern elements into her depiction of the characters, especially in their garbs. The one showing Lirael faintly reminds me of some warrior from an ancient Japanese painting I saw years ago.

If for some reason the Japs decide to produce manga/graphic novel translations of this series, I’m giving all my money just to acquire it. :’)


  1. This is one of my favorite series ever. I love the Japanese covers!

    1. You do?! OMG, let's be best friends! Haha! I love these ones, too. And there's more: