Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Past Weeks’ Bookwormism & Dorkology

To say that my blogging has fallen off the wayside is an understatement. But even if work is doing a good job of robbing big chunks of my online time, I don’t let it interfere with my little bookworm-and-dork life. :)

Curse Workers Trilogy

In fact, I’ve just finished rereading the first two books in Holly Black’s Curse Workers trilogy. This set of gems is seriously underrated—the fandom needs to grow bigger! I personally think that Holly Black is YA literature’s goddess of world-building. Her version of America bears believable weights and dimensions that it felt almost real! I still love Barron Sharpe even if other CW readers want to immolate him. However, I think my inclination towards his character has tinges of a bookworm’s version of Stockholm Syndrome…if you know what I mean. :p

My jeepney rides to work and weekday insomniac hours are also known as my Black Heart time. The book’s good so far.


In other news: it’s the 20th anniversary of Repertory Philippines Children’s Theatre (RPCT)! As an offering, they’re staging The Wizard of Oz from August to December. I watched the show for GALA magazine. I can’t fully disclose my thoughts about this right now as I’m writing a review for our mag’s October issue, but I’d say it’s an explosion of colors and cuteness that made me feel like a kid all over again. Please do grab a copy when it’s out!

Anyway, I think I’ll write a separate rev for this (and for Eugene Domingo’s Bona which I also watched recently) after our October ish’s been released. :)


Check out the latest addition to my semi-abandoned art supplies! After watching The Wizard of Oz, I went home 500 pesos lighter...and with an 18-color Reeves gouache box set cradled in my bag. I know I shouldn’t have brought extra money with me, but I don’t really regret it. There are just some days when I feel like my last resort is the world of arts when I think of an ‘escape.’

Cheers and Ciao!

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