Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gaimaniac Alert: New ‘Smoke & Mirrors’!

“Broken” isn’t the right word to describe my wee fangirl alarm, were it a concrete thing. With the overwhelming flurry of alerts it receives in a short span of time, I think the best term would be “obliterated.” I couldn’t care less, though. And neither could Neil Gaiman—I think he’s even bent on melting every Gaimaniac into pools of excited mess, what with the amount of  literary news-bombs he’s launching lately.

A few weeks after announcing his new Sandman prequel mini-series in 2013, we heard that he’s also writing new books—one for adult (The Ocean at the End of the Lane), one for “really little kids” (Chu’s Day), and one for all ages (Fortunately, The Milk). Chu’s Day sounds a tad too cute; I heard it’s a picture book about a baby panda that keeps on sneezing. Perhaps I’ll buy it for my grand-niece. It’s never too early to introduce tots to good Brit authors! ;)

Check out what I saw on  Gaiman’s  Tumblr after some days of blog-hopping abstinence:

Smoke and Mirrors 1
Smoke and Mirrors 2

These are Dave McKean’s illustrations for the forthcoming Subterranean Press limited edition of Smoke & Mirrors, one of Gaiman’s earliest anthologies that I got engrossed with. The fact that there are going to be drawings for each freaking story is enough to make me shudder with sheer thrill. I need to have this! I’d love to see what McKean’s take would be on Troll Bridge, Murder Mysteries and Snow, Glass, and Apples.

What can I say? My Gaimaniac Disorder just went up another serious stage. I’m incurable and happy about it. :)

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