Monday, July 30, 2012

Outbreak Manila II: Teaser

We came. We ran. We survived…well, barely. After Outbreak Manila II (also known as Outbreak BGC), more than half the GALA team was unable to go to work due to a variety of health-related reasons, mostly cold and sore throat. We had fun, though, and I guess that’s what's more important. :)

July 28 was a night full of remarkable moments—sprinting away with grotesquely made-up zombies, the adrenaline-rich laughter and teases shared between runners, the half-meant “friendship over” remarks whenever someone gets left behind, and the happy hopping and walking under the rain. It’s memorable in so many levels!

Outbreak BGCZombie Food! (Photo by Ate Fish)

I experienced an excruciating migraine hours after I snuggled into bed that night. It was the worst, I tell you! And since the headache was sort of connected to zombies, I postponed reading Mira Grant’s Feed for a while and skipped to James Dashner’s The Maze Runner instead. I didn’t even join Papa’s The Walking Dead marathon. Yeah, it was that bad.

Stay tuned for more details! And do  watch out for Gala magazine’s September issue, I’m going to write a more detailed (and polished, haha) post-coverage Outbreak Manila article there. :)

Cheers and Ciao!

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