Friday, July 13, 2012

New Sandman in 2013!

Friday the 13th wasn't so much of a big deal to me, but this day was extremely remarkable—not because a truckload of bad luck was dumped on me, but because I just received one of the best news the literary world could ever announce this month...or year, even.

I was at the office for another ordinary working day when a friend linked a video of this announcement on my Facebook wall. Neil Gaiman, my favorite writer,  will be writing more Sandman, and it will be released next year!

Morpheus-Pusheen (even Pusheen is excited about this!)

I practically went OMG all over the place. In celebration of the graphic novel series' 25th anniversary, Gaiman would be writing the prequel to his 10-volume opus that ended years ago, telling the story of the broody Morpheus before he was imprisoned in the beginning of the original Sandman series.

I just can't thank God enough! I know this may sound, say, exaggerated to some people who may be reading this, but Gaiman's works mean so much to me. Nobody knows how much, really. I won't go cheeseballs here and enumerate why Gaiman is my primary inspiration, but I'm just...extremely excited.
Apocalypse can wait until after 2013, and what I just said above is the number one reason.

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