Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kitchen Bookishness a la Rêveur

As expected, I’m not the only one who fell under the spell of The Night Circus. Some devoted rêveur’s across the info superhighway are very good at keeping their title; I even found editorial photo shoots and parties inspired by the Cirque. The following photos are more or less from the latter, or from plans of holding one. They are too adorable (and bookishly fangirly) not to blog. :)

Tuxedoed Strawberries
TUXEDOED STRAWBERRIES. Okay, these do not exist in the book, but the Diary of the Word Nerd blogger’s inner rêveur felt like making these cutesy things after she read it. They come in the color schemes of the rêveurs, black-white-red. They are so TNC, but I wouldn’t hesitate having them at my wedding, if you ask me. :)

TNC THE NIGHT CIRCUS COOKIES. Complete with striped tents and rêveurs. Simply awesome, eh? I love the varying simple designs on each star. This set came from Not Your Momma’s Cookies.

chocolate-covered popcorn CHOCOLATE-COVERED POPCORN. Lose yourself one luscious kernel at a time! This is the one I imagined munching on while reading the book. This came from Buttery Books,

chocolate mice CHOCOLATE MICE. Ah, of course, how can I forget? The character Bailey’s quite fascinated with this sweet. Like the popcorns, this one also came from Buttery Books. Check out their site for more fun stuff! :)


  1. Those strawberries are so cute!!!

  2. I am forever grieving the fact that I can never attend a circus like that for real. I did make an ill judgment and went to an ordinary circus a couple of months ago (I wore black and a red scarf) and was so disappointed. Loud and obnoxious and bad treatment of animals.
    Anyway, after I red the books I was looking for those colors everywhere... And for hot chocolate and chocolate mice.

    1. I've never set foot in a real circus (just this local thing they called the "perya," where there are a couple of rides, lots of cotton candies and games. No animals or other awesome performances). I only get to know what a real circus is through TV and books. :( Well, like you, I think I'll be disappointed anyway. The Night Circus is truly unlike any other. ;)

      Ooh, you know, I'm sorta wondering about those choco mice. I had a feeling that they're REAL mice just transfigured into chocolate and licorice. Haha! You'll never be sure of anything with that circus....