Sunday, July 22, 2012

AC 195 Addiction

While I do believe that cross-posting is equivalent to spreading the love in the blogosphere, I know better than to litter everyone’s dashboard with raves, rants, ramblings, and randomness about a  17-year-old -sci-fi mecha show. I'm guilty of releasing mass posts at once in the past, I think that would be enough. ;p

Anyway, I still want this blog to contain a little bit of my obsession with GW, so here it is. In condensed form, haha! You can check out my GW tag, but for your convenience, here’s a list of what I’ve been doing on my other Tumblr—at least for this fandom:

OTP: You are Kinder than Me. Basically a bunch of graphics I created for my favorite ship in GW, Quatre Winner and Dorothy Catalonia. I just love them, okay? And as they say—naysayers gonna naysay. Haha! There’s just three at the moment, but they’ll pile up soon, especially that I’m encountering lots of books with quotes that I could integrate with pictures of these two. The last one I got from Holly Black’s Black Heart. I can’t help it. Lila Zacharov is so Dorothy sometimes.

My AC195 Metas. Self-explanatory, with an accompanying poor excuse for graphics. I’ve written two mini-essays, one where I did a comparative review of sorts about Dorothy Catalonia (I just can’t get enough of her) and Catherine Bloom, and one where I talk about how awesome the fact that there’s no cookie-cutter hero or villain in the series is. More soon, I hope. :)

Little GW Things. Just as the title says, it’s all things GW—trivia, favorite “insignificant” scenes, badass dialogues, running gags—basically a mishmash of fun stuff about this show. Aside the one about The Wizard of Oz, I particularly love the trivia about the Maguanac…but that’s of course only because I’m a Filipino. :p

My GIFS. I’m nowhere near the regular MA student when it comes to Photoshop, I admit, but at least I can gif. As evidenced by a moving picture of Alex Turner singing and a few stray Game of Thrones gif-set you see when you click the link, I haven’t organized all my gifs there (and I’m quite sure I didn’t tag them all). I’ll organize them over the weekend.

Pilot Photoset. I need to work on a Wufei one.

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