Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Threefold Rock Revolution: Set Your Goals,This Century, and We Are the In Crowd

June commenced rather eargasmically for me as Smart Araneta Coliseum was rocked by a 3-in-1 supergig of pop rock and easycore. I was once again covering for Gala magazine, and I tell you, there’s nothing like doing your job while enjoying every minute of it. :)

At Araneta

Debbie (who was moonlighting as my photographer partner for the event) and I arrived at Araneta shortly after watching Snow White and the Huntsman at the Gateway Mall. Long queues of keyed up fangirls flocked the entrance to the Big Dome, and the earsplitting screeches were only expected when the doors finally opened.

Set Your Goals

Soaring gang vocals and earsplittingly good hooks were executed by the first band to perform, the easycore Set Your Goals. It was pretty obvious that they were enjoying every number, though I have to admit that they were getting more and more crescendoing screams when they teased the hordes of fans by rooting for This Century. Their songs were enjoyably uptempo, and everyone was jumping to the beat of their music.

This Century- Joel

Next to perform was This Century, which was made of sweet pop rock stars who incorporated various Philippine flag designs into their garments. Every crowd of fan that was squeezing me that time transformed into sweaty, scary scream machines, hurling everything from love letters to bangles to the stage for Joel Kanitz (vocalist) to catch. Their performance was really memorable; I loved how one lucky bespectacled girl got the chance to sing a duet with Kanitz to close the set.


Neat, eh? I wished they used a bigger flag or at least placed it on a higher position or something. Either way, I love the fact that the band seemingly made it a point to show they were enjoying their stay in the country. :)


Finally, the band I was waiting for graced the stage with their unmistakably awesome presence: We Are the In Crowd! Taylor Jardine was one monster of a rock songstress, and I felt funnily ecstatic for having her almost only two arm spans away from me. The actual proximity almost made me dizzy, haha! I loved every song, and I sincerely hope at that moment—yes, even before the last note of their song made peace with the air—that they would go back here soon.


My article  about this PULP Live World- and Karpos Multimedia-produced concert will appear on our July issue. Take this entry as a teaser of sorts; in my post-event coverage, you’ll learn more about the specifics of the concert, from some of the bands’ clever repartee with the audience to the setlists of anthems the young ones sang along with. Please do grab a copy when it comes out. ;)


All photos are from Karpos Multimedia Inc.

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