Friday, June 29, 2012

Sometimes the stars will fail you.

Sometimes they will burn out in the inky sea of your skies, leaving you alone without a guiding light. You will stop in your tracks, panic swelling as the darkness cloaks you. The sudden realization of aloneness will eat at you, and it will try to get through your skin and flesh and bones, aiming for the little sparks of hope that have all but waned in your heart.

Do your best to protect these hopes. They may be tiny and trembling, huddling and hugging themselves against your breastbone, but they’re still alive. The moments of darkness will be unnerving, but keep on walking; hold on tightly to your dreams, for the ghosts of failure will try to scare them away from you. The night will be long. The night will be cold. Try not to mind it: put one foot forward after the next, muster all the courage you can. Remember that the sun will peek among the silhouettes of your destination, and when that time comes, your sparks of hopes will flare up like a wildfire again. Trust your story.

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