Sunday, May 27, 2012

Visual Music Carnival

My second time at Amoranto Sports Complex was as fun as my first, although this time it wasn’t just all about rock and heavy metal music. Last May 12, the Visual Music Carnival was put up for the benefit of physically challenged people (particularly the mutes and deafs). 

Spearheaded by Kathy Taylor, rock star-femme fatale from the local band Saydie, the event was  an overload of J-Pop/J-Rock, local alternative rock and metal music, cosplay, skateboard, and rides. Attendees did not just get a charge out of the carnival, they were also able to contribute to the production of video relay service (VRS), an Internet-powered service that helps deaf people call anywhere and any time hassle-free. :)
GALA magazine was one of the media partners, so a few folks from the team went to witness/cover the event.

cow girl 2Ro-dee-yoh! There were three rides in the Carnival, and I did not hesitate to try all of them. I had a ball on this bull ride—the days-long effect on my legs was worth it.


Rodeo 2

after the rain (2)

So remember the item that is omnipresent on everybody’s bucket list? This is not the bungee jump I aimed to experience, but yeah, I think it’s close enough (let’s half-cross out the item? No? Okay). The harness practically killed my thighs, though.

The skateboard competition was held simultaneously with the J-Pop/J-Rock battle of the bands. :)

catpretendingtobeasheepThe venue was as well littered with stalls chockfull of adorable trinkets! This sheep (which according to the vendor wasn’t a sheep, but a cat pretending to be a sheep, or something like that) was unfortunately not for sale. It was so cute I was ready to buy it!

Chocolates! We had a hard time distinguishing which ones were plastic and which ones were true chocolates. They all look the same! :p

cute caps
I was planning to buy that Captain America cap, but I saw a Captain America cellphone pouch and…I just couldn’t help it. Yeah, yeah I  still have this Avengers flick  hang over.

monster bags

cute charms

with Mr. Bones
With Mr.Bones from Mr.Bones and the Boneyard Circus after their performance for the night. Angel’s got a new band to fangirl over! :p

with Kat TaylorWith Kathy Taylor, vocalist from the band Saydie. Such an awesome beauty—and she rocks everyone’s socks!

with war machineAnd of course—would we let the chance pass when War Machine graced the event with his awesome presence? Of course not. :p

My body was sore by the end of the day, but I slept with a smile on my face. We hope next year’s Visual Music Carnival will be like this, too…or more thrilling, with more music and brick-a-bracks and rides. :)

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