Friday, May 25, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week

“Just wear your heart on your sleeve, or sport your sunniest smile.” This has always been an automatic quip from me whenever someone asks me about fashion.

In all honesty, I know next to nada about the glam-and-glitz world of catwalks and models. It’s only when I became a part of ZONE magazine that I learned the rudiments of fashion. I’ve always been tasked to formulate interview questions for the face-of-the-(bi-)month and write the cover stories of each issue, so thorough research is  always a requirement. It is only last week that I tried to really test the waters myself—yes, yes, fashion experimentations!—during the third day of the Philippine Fashion Week. :)

Airiz FW
I didn’t wear anything grand that day(although I almost did—thank God that red spandex-y, low neck-lined Lady Gaga-ish outfit required some kind of underthing that I didn’t have!). Just a new haircut, a lucky purchase from ukay-ukay, and boots that an officemate lent me. :)

Airiz Kit Angel
With Kit and Angel, right after AVON’s show.

A close up of those darling boots! Aren’t they to die for? They’re beautiful all right, but I guess I need to practice more when it comes to walking around with five-inch heels. Angel lent these to me for the fashion week, and she was right to readily bill it as a pair of “tiis-ganda” footwear, aka the “killer boots.” We spied on another attendee the same kind of boots, though hers have wedge heels instead. We plan on searching for that one. :)

The whole GALA team + the interns before going to SMX.

During the AVON show.

Some of our friends who attended the event: Hussian and Jerick (posting for the coincidental color palette, haha!). Rei and some of his colleagues went, too.

I only went for a day—I totally loved Albert Andrada’s collection as well as Kermit Tesoro’s. The night was filled with long queues and free coffees, personal convos over dinner, off-handed comments on the awesome collections, gasps at some of the models’ little faux pas… everything in it made my first attendance to PFW memorable. It’s about 1:00 AM when I got home, but even if I went to cover an event out-of-town the next day, I still have a little hang over from this night. :)


  1. So happy to go to PFW with you. Hopefully next year, we'll get better seats :)

  2. I like your hair!! It's reminiscent to ALICE's hair in twilight, pretty cool ^^

    1. Thank you! :)) Alice is the only thing I liked in the Twilight series, and I have to admit, I've been trying to get a haircut like hers for years now.