Thursday, May 10, 2012

Of Covers and Curse Workers

Happy midweek, dudes and dudettes! Mr. Sandman seems to love it when he toys with my already malfunctioning body clock, and since he won’t send me straight to slumberland right away, I just thought of putting on some literary litter on your dashboard. :p Cheers!

Covers Matter [To Me]

I won’t be stoned if I confess now that I don’t always subscribe to the old maxim “don’t judge a book by its cover,” right? Because yes, covers do matter to me. It’s not  the most dominant factor I consider in purchasing a book, but it’s always there down the list. Sometimes I stop in my tracks when I catch a glimpse of a familiar author’s name on the shelf I pass by; sometimes the title arrests my attention completely. Covers, I confess, can magnet my eyes too.

Judging tomes based on their “clothing” is not really what I’m doing.  I make it a point to do researches before going to the bookstore. When I like the premise of a certain novel enough to make me zip open my purse for it, that’s the time I’m going to hunt for its best cover.

The Curse Workers Trilogy

Unfortunately, it always turns out that the best editions are not available in the country. The Curse Workers trilogy by Holly Black is an example. I just stumbled upon the UK edition cover of the third installment Black Heart, and I find it very attractive. It’s simple, chic in a traditional kind of way, and it gives off a surreal vibe that the storylines possess. I really hope the local bookstores have these ones now! The American version of this series is quite sub-par, in my honest opinion.

Black heart

White Cat

I gave it 4 stars in my review: “Holly Black is a marvelous magician. She may have no wands or bubbling cauldrons or magic spells, but her raw talent in creating a society that has a four-dimensional reality tantamount to our own and fleshing out characters that are easy to love (and love to hate) is enough to enchant her readers with her literary prowess.

"This is what she presented in the first installment of the Curse Workers trilogy, White Cat…there’s grit and beauty in equal terms; there are a few flaws, but it’s still a gem…Holly Black, welcome to my literary rock stars roster!”

Red Glove

I gave it four stars in my review: “Bringing the readers back into the deliciously dark realm of mobsters, magic, curses, and cons, Holly Black once again proves that she is an inimitable wizard of words in the second installment of her Curse Worker’s trilogy, Red Glove.

"With a plot that never quits, wonderfully complex characters, and a setting that is strikingly familiar yet eerily different from our own, this book presents a kind of urban fantasy that noir fiction lovers will devour.”

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  1. You're not the only one who does not necessarily comply with this don't judge a book by its cover rule. Haha, I have to admit that most of the time, when a book I want to read does not have a good cover, I postpone reading it until a nicer one comes, haha!

    Oh my god, the black heart one is totally gorgeous! :O Not to mention the other two!

    1. I KNOW I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! But if I desperately need to read the book, I have no choice. I just go ahead and just buy another one with the nice book cover once it comes out! Haha (yep that's how I roll).