Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hearing Secondhand Serenade…firsthand. ❤

Personal playlists and “life soundtracks” of  teenage girls with a penchant for tales about heartache and unconditional love are perhaps dominated with songs by John Vesely, also known as Secondhand Serenade. And can you blame them? Saccharine facades wrapping bitterness and sincere apologies, his compositions are to guarantee eargasm to any hopeless romantic who listens to them.

VIP- 2ndhand Serenade

Last May 1, Manila had the chance to hear choice songs from all of Secondhand Serenade’s three albums firsthand. Vesely and his accompanying band performed Fall for You, Your Call, Vulnerable, Awake, You and I, Like a Knife, Stay Away, Reach for the Sky, The Last Song Ever, Goodbye, and many more—with bonus covers! I wasn't an all-out, uber!fangirl, but strangely, I happen to know all the songs he played. Well, they are the most popular. *shrugs*

Hearing the crowd sing along with him was enough to make up for all the hassle we went through, especially because of the hard rain that battered the city that day. I was an arm span away from the singer himself, and I was in no way star-struck or overcome with fangirly sort of feelings. I was just there, singing aloud with the others, absorbing the moment as if I was a memory sponge, looking at the musicians as they make the Skydome scream just using the subtlest yet most powerful of weapons that can touch the hearts: their music. I will never forget that night. :)

Anyway, I was at concert to cover for Gala  magazine. The post-cov article would be featured in our June issue. Please do grab a copy!

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