Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frozen Teardrop: Special Prequel

Ever since I randomly reread PDF versions of Isis CW’s Manifestations and Revelations in my Blackberry, I’ve kind of revivified my curiosity for the continuation of Gundam Wing that is concurrently running with a new manga in a Japanese magazine, the novel Frozen Teardrop.

I stand by my first opinion, though: still don’t consider FT canon because it still reads like a bad, glorified fanfiction. Come on! I’ve had enough of all the terrible backstory bomb-dropping related to Generation Xerox, the gender-bending as obvious tactics to avoid slash pairings, and the twisting of the branches of every character’s family tree so everyone is related to each other in a soap opera-ish kind of way. If it weren’t for the gorgeous art that accompanies each update, I wouldn’t really bother checking news and announcements online. :p

Recently, the creators spawned something that got me in a quite celebratory mood: two special prequels that bridge the gap between the happenings in Frozen Teardrop and the end of Endless Waltz!

Frozen Teardrop (GWboys)Special Prequel 1: Interlude of the Heart (translation by Deacon Blues)

FrozenTeardropSpecial Prequel 2 (Yet to be Translated)

Call me predictable if you want, but yeah—I’m excited about Dorothy’s stories! Fics that date back to almost fifteen years ago played with her role as the last heiress to the Romafeller Foundation. I want to see how she got to be Queen of the World—er, President of the Earth Sphere Unified Nation in Frozen Teardrop, and I wish it wasn’t as ridiculous as other tales in the new novel.

I’ll be keeping tabs on this one! :)


  1. I came across your tumblr yesterday when I was browsing GW tag, and today, your blogspot xD

    "the gender-bending as obvious tactics to avoid slash pairings" << had to think hard for this and then oh-ed. Yup, I only read few paragraphs then I avoid it like a plague. The Gundam even gets a little bit ridicilous, snow white? ha. I like seeing its artwork though :3

    1. Hi, sorry I just saw your comment today. Thanks for visiting my sites! :)

      Oh, that. I think if the creators really want 3x4 to happen, I hope they just make it happen. I'm not even a 3x4 fan, but I do think the het!3x4 is simply pathetic. *sigh*

      I KNOW, RIGHT? Gundam Snow White for chrissakes. And it's in a Jedi Cloak too. *groans*

      True. I love the artwork to itty bitty pieces. Kinda the main reason why I'm still keeping tabs on the novel. :)

  2. Hello! After searching for some translated chapters of FT, I stumbled on your site and found the translated Special Prequel. Anyway, Thank you so much for sharing it! Just like what the other fans said, it was like written in a Fanfiction way, urgh... I have read a few chapters of FT and I was like "what the hell is going on?!" Just like you, I'm keeping my tabs on here as well, I was hoping that this sequel ends in a good way. Aahh! Again, thank you so much for sharing the translated Prequel. :)

    1. Hi, Melai-chan! It's nothing. :) You must thank Deacon Blues directly, because as far as I know he's the only one around kind enough to translate...well, GW stuff. I think he stopped translating FT, but he's still translating the Glory of Losers manga (which in many ways is better than FT). Can't blame him, though. Anyway, I heard there's a Chinese site translating the novel (just can't remember the site). When the chap seems interesting enough, I just seek the help of Google Translate. Haha. I try to make sense of the gobbledygook it produces. XD

      You're welcome! If you want more updates about FT, you can refer to this link: Hope this will help!

  3. Hello! :) Thanks for the link, it really helps a lot for seeking some info's as wells some stuffs from the novel itself. It's like everybody who happens to translate the novel, they stop suddenly though I can't blame them for that. *sigh* I think I was able to find that chinese site your talking about, maybe after I've finished reading some of the few chapters that was already translated and if there's no choice I'll try it~LOL

    Thanks again! Sorry for my late response :)