Monday, April 9, 2012


I’ve been pretty much occupied with reading and writing (both work-related and not) the previous days, so I’m sorry for the successive drizzle of updates I throw on your dashes all at once! I rarely visit my blogging sites when I’m busy, but I always make sure I don’t neglect them. Unfortunately, the schedule-poster’s always acting up so I always end up publishing multiple posts. Really sorry!

Anyway, I just thought of sharing with wordsmiths and prosemeisters out there  a useful little tool I discovered a couple of months ago. It’s Wordle, a word cloud generator. The largest words in the cloud represent those that are frequently repeated in your text.

Pahiyas word cloud

TAGCOM word cloud

I used the application when I penned my articles for our magazine’s sophomore release. I actually find it very useful when I’m creating short stories ages ago, for it tells me what I use the most when conveying the characters’ emotions (the EYES are the most prominent) or the characters’ actions and speeches (the dreaded “SAID,” oh my god). In articles I used above, well, it practically reminded me that synonyms are my friends. Haha! Be careful in using synonyms though, just because the thesaurus indicates it doesn’t mean it’s always exact. ;)

Have a good week ahead!


  1. I've seen Wordle being used by Scott Westerfeld before. This seems to be a helpful tool, maybe I'll try it in my next writings! PS- we miss you at Tumblr.

    1. Really? Was it when he was writing Uglies? Leviathan? Either way, awesome! He uses it too, I'm trusting this tool more especially that one of my favorite YA writers is using it too. :) Anyway, sorry if I haven't "tumbl'd" much. I've been very busy with work, but I still try to update once a week. :) I miss you guys too!

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