Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recipe for Success

Here’s a little recipe I’ve formulated for a special feature about a confectioner in Gala magazine. It applies to pretty much everyone, so I thought of sharing it here. :) Have a grand week ahead, netizens!

  • 1 cup perseverance
  • 1 bowl love for work
  • 1 sachet Life’s All-Purpose Mixer
  • 3 tablespoons hope
  • 2 tablespoons patience
  • 1 gallon fun (laughter flavor)
  • 1 gallon focus
  • 1 bottle God’s guidance
  • Mix a cupful of perseverance and a bowlful of love for work.
  • Add a dash of glitz and a pinch of grit from Life’s All-Purpose Mixer.
  • Throw in three tablespoons of hope and two tablespoons of patience.
  • Sprinkle abundantly with God’s guidance. Stir well until it becomes experience.
  • Bake until it becomes firm enough to stand the pressure of everyday challenges. Leave it to cool for a few moments, and then proceed to decorate it with your heart’s desires.
  • Don’t forget to add fun, but balance it with focus on your goals.
  • Serve in generous helpings and enjoy!


  1. This is so inspirational! I'll be glad to read the whole article. Is this featured on your May issue?

    1. Yes it was published in the first issue, but I don't think it's still available in bookstores. :( Only our May issues are on the shelves right now.

  2. I love how gallon of fun has a flavor! :D