Monday, April 30, 2012

PULP Summer Slam XII: The Apostles

The last Saturday of April is all about rock and heavy metal overload! Six local bands (Chicosci, Franco, Kamikazee, Urbandub, Sin, Intolerant) and six foreign bands (We Came As Romans, Darkest Hour, Periphery, blessthefall, August Burns Red, and Arch Enemy) rocked Amoranto Stadium as The Apostles.
It’s my first ever PULP Summer Slam experience—I wasn’t allowed to attend the previous music fests because of my asthma, and they never believed I’d be able to survive in the mosh pit. Well, being part of a media, I was granted a PULP Royalty pass. Didn't have to squeeze myself in the suffocating wall of people. ;)

Snake PitVIP’s this way (photo courtesy of Eena)

Among the foreign band lineup, I only knew ABR, BTF, and AE. I have to confess I wasn’t a rabid fangirl of anything heavy metal, though I do listen to them when the mood strikes. At the end of the day I knew I have to check out the discography of other bands. So far, I’m liking what I’m hearing. Everyone sings about hope, faith, and positivism! :)

SlamWe Came As Romans (photo courtesy of Andy Glass)

As expected, there were water bottle wars, crowd-surfing, walls of death, and lots of moshing. We at the Snake Pit and VIP lounge were quite protected, though for a couple of times  empty bottles came flying at us and a blanket of dust enveloped the whole place for a while. It was really fun—we kept on jumping, banging our heads, and pumping our hands in the air as every band played.

PULP1The sweat-drenched—and sweat-smelling!—GALA girl foursome (Mamu, Debbie, moi, and Eena) resting during the lengthy soundcheck time for blessthefall

I realized the next morning that I ruined my new ballet flats. From jumping or from being stepped on a little too often, I wasn’t really certain. All I was sure of is that it was from the Snake Pit mayhem, and hey, it’s but  a little price to pay for all the fun I had! :)

August Burns Red

Speaking of chaos at the VIP place, there was a time when we were all jumping to the music and one boy accidentally shoved me. It didn’t hurt me or anything…or maybe I just didn’t notice. I guess I was too overwhelmed by August Burns Red’s performance that I kept screaming and bouncing. Suddenly, this bouncer popped right beside me and unobtrusively shielded me from the surrounding musical confusion. I was baffled at first until Mamu explained how he saw me being ‘shoved.’  Well…it wasn’t my fault I look like a kid being trampled by big metalheads, right? Haha! The bouncer lingered around us for a few performances until he was sure I wouldn’t be stomped flat by the other people. It was so nice of him, haha. :p

Arch Enemy

We left after the epic performances of melodic metal band Arch Enemy. Our bodies’ batteries already needed some recharging by that time, and it was already one in the morning. And all the dirt and grime we accumulated from a whole day of hardcore rock and roll was…quite horrendous. Haha!

Still, it was a one of a kind experience. I’m thinking of joining the thirteenth music fest next year. :)

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