Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holly Cow! :)

One of the many things that made my day last Sunday was this. I was covering an event at Robinsons Place Manila (and live-tweeting but not necessarily leaking anything I’ll be writing about it) when Holly Black tweeted about her book Black Heart, the third installment in her Curse Workers Trilogy (White Cat, Red Glove). I responded to her tweet, and…she tweeted back!


Just a few words, but like my answered fanmail from Keith Thompson ages ago, it made me a happy bookworm. :) Now I’m becoming more and more excited about the release of Black Heart. It’s supposed to be out on April 3rd in the States, but I’m not sure here in our country. :3


  1. Whaaaa bat kasama pa ako dito hahaha thanks

    Oh, and I also want to let you know that I think I saw a copy of Black Heart in Fully Booked Gateway. I'm sure it was black heart but I'm having second thoughts coz it was a paperback copy with a very stylish cover. I know usually the hardbound copies comes first before the paperback, but I don't know, I'll double check when I pass by there again.

  2. Checked it yesterday and let me correct myself, it was a hardbound copy of Black Heart :)

    1. Re first comment: Haha, you're included in the thread! ;) Love always including online bookworm buddies in my blog, even in something as small as this, haha. :) BUT OMG, I thought you guys are only checking my Tumblr account, not this one! xD

      Re BLACK HEART: What's the cover like? Isn't it the one with Cassel and Lilah in front? I'd like to collect the ones with the same editions, so even if I don't like books with people's faces on the cover, I'd still choose it. Anyway, I think I'll still check. :)

    2. Sorry for the very late reply. The cover of the book involved white dots forming into the tittle of the book itself(Black Heart) and doesn't have people or people's faces on it. :)