Saturday, April 7, 2012

GALA Magazine 01 (feat. The Hunger Games Movie Review)

Gala v.01

Finally! Our first baby is born! I feel like a proud writer-mom; we crammed a bit, but biases aside, I think the end product is still awesome. Here’s the maiden issue of the country’s premier events magazine, GALA. From fun runs to concerts, product launches to trade fairs, we got it all covered! Grab your copy now in the bookstores nearest you (sorry, but it’s for peeps from the Philippines only!).


As I’ve mentioned before, there are only two writers on GALA, and I very much love it that I was given the chance to write about The Hunger Games there. Here’s an excerpt:
Much to the approval of many bookworms who loved the novel to bits, the film adhered closely to the source material’s storyline. Some of the changed scenes would induce little to no rants from the fans, because Ross’ paint-by-number approach was well-played and it just added more layers to the intricate world already present in Collins’ narrative… 

Anyone who had encountered The Hunger Games in its printed form would know that even if the gladiatorial match was flaunted as the focal occurrence, the lynchpin of anything and everything is none other than the main protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. And truth be told, if there’s one thing in the movie that took the cake right off the bat, it was Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal as our very own arrow-toting girl on fire.”
See the full story—grab your copy now! :)


  1. I would really love to read your review, too bad I can't get hold to one of those :(
    Congratulations, though!
    As Daniel Radcliffe will always be the perfect Harry Potter, so does Jennifer Lawrence. She is outstanding!

    1. I think I'll post it here when the month's finally over! :)
      Thank you. Yes, and she proved to be worthy of the role of Katniss Everdeen and shut up those who bashed her when she was cast for the first time! :)