Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fanart Fun Feature 04

I know I’m weeks days late, but still—happy 32nd birthday Relena Darlian-Peacecraft! And happy 17th anniversary, Gundam Wing! (Dang, has it really been that long?)

I thought of posting here Relena’s famous birthday party official art, but I’m fickle  I decided to just make this week’s Fanart Fun Feature 04 dedicated to GW. Fair enough? Here’s Pilot 04 aka Quatre Raberba Winner (with a few cameos from other characters) depicted in some of the prettiest styles I’ve seen in the Internet.






I can’t attach any credits to each art right now because I’ve saved these on my laptop a long time ago, but you can find all these at fuckyeahquatrewinner, along with the links to artists’ pages.

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