Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LGBTQ’s Lasting Relationships?

One of my college batchmates (I can’t remember who) once told me that he/she noticed how all of his/her gay friends don’t have long romantic relationships with their respective partners. I think I was blabbering about gay couples that I find inspiring at that time, and this friend of mine just squeezed in his/her little “trivia” matter-of-factly.

While the statement was couched in the language based on raw observation, I can’t help but notice its underlying meaning, my batchmate’s belied doubts on the LGBTQ community members’ ability to build serious and lasting relationships. In effect, he/she presented the "statistics" as a way of saying same-sex relationships don’t work.


I can’t remember why I didn’t explode right then and there—I guess I didn’t want to offend him/her or something—but I did implode. One of the few things I really despise is when people become so quick to judge you or cage you in a stereotype based on unreliable proofs. Suddenly, my head filled up with names of straight couples whose marriages didn’t last (hint: one pair didn’t even last for 24 hours—hello, showbiz!) and names of gay couples who are currently adding more years to their happy marriages. I’d love to shove my own version of "observation" up his/her face, but I was too irritated to explain it at the time.

Apparently, it doesn’t mean that when you go to college, you become more mature and open-minded. Some people’s mind stay in the gutter. I hope they get it out of there before it’s too late.


  1. I know. This makes me so sad. I do NOT understand what people have against other sexual orientations. It's none of their business.
    I would almost say the opposite of what you're friend said.. But that might be just as prejudices, so I won't ;) I'm reading the WONDERFUL comic Dykes To Watch Out For. have you read it? There we have some long-term same-sex relationships!

    1. Other people are just so close minded, and prying their minds open seems to be just a waste of time sometimes. :(
      NOPE, I haven't! Now that sounds a comic to watch out for! Is it Swedish-translated-to-English or what? I'd love to read it! :)

    2. No it's an American comic by Alison Bechdel. Have you heard of the Bechdeltest? This comic is where it comes from.

    3. I see! Unfortunately local bookstores don't have that comic. Sucks big time. I told them to contact me when they have it, they'll still check some of their branches.

      Speaking of comics, do you have Free Comic Day Book, too? It's every first Saturday of May. I wish they put the awesome graphic novels as options too, like, say, The Sandman. xD

  2. Sadly, some people finds it hard to accept people who are trying and brave enough to stay true to themselves.
    I just hope that one day, people will stop saying what others should be and what they shouldn't be.
    Love is love, and that's all that matters.

    1. I know, right? Some people act as if members of the LGBTQ community are somewhat lower than them (or are treated like a group of people with some venereal disease!). We have the same hope. Open minds and accepting hearts are what we really need from these people. :(