Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fanart Fun Feature 03

This week on FFF: a triumvirate of artworks featuring the awesomeness of geeky and crazy cool netizens.

Broweristas by eskimoie. Fashionable anthropomorphic representations of browsers? I very much approve. Opera definitely rocks that hi-lo dress, but my favorite is Chrome’s outfit. :) Check out more of this artist’s works, they’re a delight for anyone who likes fashion.

Azi and Crowley
Good Omens: The Other Guys by animagess. I want to babble how ineffably cool this art is, but I’ll just paste the comment of the artist instead: “This is by no means the dorkiest thing I've ever done, but it comes pretty close. It had occurred to me that the dynamic between Crowley and Aziraphale is essentially that of a buddy cop movie, and so I spent a few hours popping this out because the image refused to leave my head. There was a lot more I could have done with it, but in the end I figured spending any more time on a parody poster of The Other Guys would probably lead to regret down the road. A flaming sword is slightly more impressive than dual-wielding plant misters, even if they are filled with holy water, but demons have plenty of other ways to intimidate.”

Fruit Drops
Fruit Drops by turtle-rn. It’s from the animated film The Grave of the Fireflies. Just looking at this art makes my heart twinge a little. This is an exceptional movie, perhaps one of the few anime movie that actually made me bawl my eyes out. I highly recommend it.


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