Saturday, March 3, 2012


I don’t have any featured doodle tonight (been too busy doing other stuff), so I’ll just repost here a caricature I did back in high school. It’s an exercise given to us by Mr. Rene Aranda (editorial cartoonist of The Philippine Star). He made us pick a partner—which is technically one of our competitors from around Manila—and try to draw them. I can’t remember where my partner studied, but I can still remember that her name is Sybil. :)

Here’s the drawing:

Rene Aranda

Amazingly, the training course—which started as a quiet session full of representatives from competing schools—became a weeklong of hangout between cartoonist friends. The high schoolers (self included) also became surrogate sisters and brothers for our grade school counterparts.

You see that little signature at the bottom left side? That’s the autograph of my favorite seven-year-old caricaturist, Alex Padilla. I bet he’s an awesome artist right now.