Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Un-Bookwormism and Dorkology Update

And here’s another update about books and the current blahs of a hobbit-sized human being’s quite nondescript life.


I guess a cleanup day is very much like a serendipity day or an accidental treasure hunt day (if such things exists). All the dust bunnies that sent me sneezing proved to be just a small prize for finding a few of my long lost CDs! I love every album. My attitude in owning books is like my attitude in owning music. I’m completely okay with having the electronic versions/downloads, but holding the actual thing in your hand and witnessing it produce their magic seem more…intimate. I don’t know, if you’ll ask me for real, I’ll just say the feeling’s ineffable. A book’s smooth cover or a CD’s smooth side smudged for the first time with your fingerprints is only one of the little wonderful things their virtual counterparts can’t give you. ;) /ramblings


Oh, and I didn’t just chance upon my CDs—I found my high school yearbook as well! Imagine what I felt when I reread our Class Prophecy, which was penned by a fifteen-year-old joke of a writer called Me.  Haha! If I could go back in time, I’d smack the younger me for being so giddy when writing a piece that anyone in our batch can read and reread whenever they want. Perhaps I’ll humiliate myself some time and post a portion here. But right now, I’ll just give you a photo of one of my writing wins! Yay. Hey, I’m grabbing the opportunity here to be narcissistic. Next time, I’ll laugh with the world when seeing my hilarious pen-warrior mishaps. :p


FYI, I didn’t take the photo above. It’s from Austin Kleon himself, and I got it via his twitter. I wish I can have this book and Newspaper Blackout Poetry one. Unfortunately, none of the biggest bookstores in the country carry a single copy of either awesomeness. *sniffs*

Anyway, book (un)events in Airiz’s life:
  • I’m still stuck with The God of Small Things.
  • I saw a copy of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in NBS Tutuban! Why are the online contacts saying the book’s out of stock? I’ll purchase it the next time I go there. There’s heaps of them on the display table.
  • I’m still excited to read Why We Broke Up, but *see first bullet*

Gundam Wing

I just finished downloading the remastered edition of GW, and I’m excited to have a marathon soon! Wooot! But right now, I’m reading some sidestory mangas. ;)


I promise to post things that make more sense than this. Have a good day! :)


  1. I finished Why We Broke Up yesterday and it was fine. Not the best read ever but definitely worth my time. Some parts were sympathizable (not sure if that's a word..)

    I like that list of Unlock Your Crreativity. Is it from a book with that name? I need to look it up.

    1. Yay for finishing it! This is going to be my first time reading Lemony Snicket, and I really hope it doesn’t disappoint. Anyway, that “Unlock Your Creativity” list came from Austin Kleon’s book called “Steal Like an Artist.” It’s not available here in the Philippines! :(

  2. 1. THE FRAY! I love that band.
    2. Ykw? I'm actually looking forward to that Class Prophecy piece! Do post it! :)
    3. What is it with The God of Small Things? :(
    4. I love that gag comics!

    btw, why aren't you updating your tumblr anymore?

    1. 1.Me too!
      2.I will, in he future. I’m really ashamed to have written it. LOL
      3.Actually, I just finished it last night. It’s just…IDK, slow. I’ll say more in my review.
      You’ll see more of it in my fandom tumblelog. Btw, I updated my book tumblr last night! :D

  3. Austin Kleon also has another book but it's a compilation of his blackout poems. Is that one NOT also available here in PH?