Sunday, February 5, 2012


Imagine Red Riding Hood strolling down a forest path that mysteriously bleeds a few shades of scarlet. As she gets closer, you realize she’s not so little after all—and the sight of the Big Bad Wolf pelt she’s donning sends a chill down your spine. Furtively, she slides a pistol into her basket and purses her blood-red lips at you. That’s when it hits you: this is not the girl that everyone told you is a brainchild of Disney or the Brothers Grimm.

No. She hails from the mind of Kneil Melicano.


And just if you think that scene comes from a re-imagined fairytale that he penned, you’re wrong. It’s from RED, a piece of art that has become so popular, you can see it plastered on the shirts of almost every storybook buff you encounter. It can weave a thousand stories, from one that has strong feministic implications to just a treat for fairytale purists that prefer grit to happy endings. This is just one of his astonishingly beautiful works.

A lot of people may ask, what is the story of this one man that creates one image with a hundredfold possible tales? 

Find out in ZONE magazine’s Revolt issue this February, to be released soon!  Follow our Tumblr and stay tuned!


  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen this art floating around tumblr before. I would love to read the interview.

    1. It's popular on Tumblr! I've reblogged it a few times before. Our magazine's out, you can read the interview here: