Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Writing Inspiration (from FFN)

Can you be a fangirl of a fangirl?

Of course. I can attest to that.

It’s through the Gundam Wing fandom that I came to know Isis CW, one of my favorite fanfiction writers right now. Her fanfic-novels are perhaps the best that I’ve read at the Pit (which is still a melting pot of rotten, yaoi-infested fangirl goo). When browsing multi-chaptered tales at FFN started to prove to be some kind of self-flagellation for my aching brain, I refrained from visiting itexcept when Isis updates Revelations, the third in her trilogy of amazing works. The 4xD pairing doesn’t get a lot of love from the GW fanbase, but Isis being one of the few shippers is enough for me!

She's the reason why the image of the Egyptian goddess doesn't readily come to mind
\when someone mentions the name Isis to me.

The following’s written on her profile page at FFN. From this alone, you’ll know why I look up to her so much. :)
Well, if you're going to read this, you must be mildly interested in the woman behind the stories. So here is a little of me, and I would love to know a little of you. 
-My attitude on writing has always been three-fold. Any fictional work you read should be able to take you away from reality one paragraph at a time. You should be able to have an emotional response to the story or characters completely regardless of whether you have known that feeling before or not. And, it should be good for you. If that’s by teaching you something, making you think, or just taking you away from other situations in life that trouble you. 
The first two items I can strive for, the third is primarily up to you, the reader. But what they can do is let you be another person, a character, as you hear their thoughts and say their words. They can make you laugh, tug your heart, and give you a little vacation.
And I get to do that for you guys. I don’t know your stories, the things each of you face in life, unless you’re willing to write and tell me. But for the few minutes you sit in front of the screen and read these chapters… you’re mine. And I promise to be gentle and protect you while you’re with me. No one who reads my works is a stranger to me, because you all know me more intimately than most people I am around every day. 
-Outlook on FanFiction: Where do I begin? My first love is Character! Give me a character I can fall in love with, and I'm yours! I'm that way with fiction, TV, movies, anything. My own fiction tends to be rather boring from the on-set, but I love just 'revealing' the characters. The more complex, the harder I work. That's why I LOVE Gundam Wing. 
Plot is also a wonderful selling point to me. Yes, have to have it, no matter how annoying it is to try to develop. Trust me, I know. But like I said, I, personally, will sit through a bad plot if the character is so good I drool over my keyboard :) 
Spell check and grammar issues. I will personally admit that I have the same trouble everyone does with this. (Heavens, "For Argument’s Sake" is so full of it I'm almost disgraced by it now) Time and care, time and care; that's all I can say. That and, if possible, find a wonderful set of proofreaders to give you a fresh set of eyes. And please, correct me when I screw something up. I can't grow without true, honest opinions! 
Anyhoo, enough about me. You came for the fics, not the author. That is the price we pay, is it not? So please enjoy, and review if you think I'm worth it. Please feel free to email me too, any questions, comments, rants, anything at all. And God bless you! ;)
I adapted this personal writing attitude...and if you're a budding writer, I think you should, too. I enjoyed the art of fiction-writing more when I started keeping this in mind. :)

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  1. I just love her attitude, and how she's so able to describe her duties as a writer. I bet she'll be an amazing author of original fiction too. :D

    1. IKR. I hope she really does write her own book! ARGH. Revelations is just the most amazing fanfic ever. :)

  2. I'm in love with this! So great!