Thursday, January 5, 2012

Un-bookwormism Update :(

I’m not very happy to say that I haven’t picked up Going Bovine again since I bookmarked it at New Year’s eve. Things have gone a little busier lately, and I felt like betraying a friend for ignoring this book. I’m not even kidding.

an abandoned book
I’m still on page 40 and I have to say Cameron Smith is such a likable narrator! I hate to be predictable, but there is something really magnetizing about guys who have exceptionally self-deprecating humor (you'll notice a trend if you know my favorite YA male characters). And gads, I love the language of this novel. Libba Bray does know how to worm inside a teenager’s mind! I didn’t see this in her short story “Prom Night” (Zombies vs. Unicorns), my first taste of her work. If Going Bovine turns out really good, I’m going to try all of Bray’s other books! But for now…I need to finish this baby first. :| Schedule, be kind to me…
On an wholly unrelated note—LOOK! My fandom tumblr’s got a new look!

Recognize the background? Yep, it’s also the doodle I used for my book tumblelog, with white reverted to black and vice versa. It used to be just my downtime blog, but I’m starting to form a little circle of fandom friends right there so I might as well “clean up my house,” if you know what I mean. :p The chibi’s on the header are my OTP for G.Wing, Dorothy and Quatre.

Hopefully when I come back to blog, I have a happier bookwormism update. Review for The Absolutely Diary of a Part-Time Indian to be posted soon! Toodles!

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