Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reuniting with Journ-Leftover Girls

There’s nothing like hanging out with your college girlfriends to punctuate a string of exhaustive months. I haven’t seen them for a long time, and this little reunion, though a little short, is definitely worth remembering.

I met up first with Eliza at the P.Gil train station. As usual, I was taking my daily dose of LRT music (random tidbit: I have a playlist solely for my train rides), so I didn’t notice Eliza when she arrived. She practically screamed my name when she spotted me and then wrapped me in her Girly Bear Hug™. When I returned her embrace, I became aware of several pairs of eyes—including that of the security guard’s—trained on us. I realized how loud Eliza’s shouts were since they penetrated my full-blast Arctic Monkeys-dominated eardrums, and I noticed she also had her earphones stuck in her ears. She realized it too, but she couldn’t care less (that’s one lovable thing about her, though sometimes it can get her in trouble). We barely understood each other’s first sentences because we’re too excited to remove our earphones! Haha. After that, we did some catching-ups, munched on warm cheese-flavored empanadas from the MRT station food stalls, and met up with Debbie and Mamu.

Mamu, Moi, and ElaiMamu, Moi, and Eliza at Pinkberry


We dined at Dad’s for merienda and talked with another college friend, Jeff, who is working there as an intern. Anyone in their right mind will never bring me to any buffet/eat-all-you-can restaurants. I mean, I’m a Gobble Queen on some days (read: holidays), but on normal days all I can have after my seconds is a few bites, sans dessert. Needless to say, Dad’s is not a place for me. As much as I enjoyed eating all the siomai’s and tofu’s and fries, I felt as if finishing everything on my plate was a punishment of some sort. Haha!

While eating, Mamu and Debbie gave us their gifts:

January Gifts

I got a sketchbook from Mamu and a [really touching] mix vid-tape from Debbie. Broke Girl’s officially my peg this week, so I wasn’t able to bring anything for them. Of course I’ll give them my presents when I get the chance (and the bucks).

Apparently our day’s “theme” is about jobs—you know, our unemployed- and underemployed- status, transferring jobs, call center opportunities, envisaging ourselves in the future after earning lots of money from our jobs, that kind of thing. It was practically all we talked about while eating.

One of the funniest moments of the day was when we visited Fullybooked. While browsing for new potential buys, I stumbled upon The Book of Answers by Carol Bolt. Basically it’s a Magic 8 Ball in book form. :p Knowing that my friends would like it—and at this point in our lives we have so many questions—I called them over. We took turns in asking questions, all the while giggling like a bunch of giddy schoolgirls—which we once was.

After that we stayed briefly at this small church and then ate at Pinkberry. We were trying to convince Row—another friend—to join us, but work-related emergencies came up and he couldn’t meet us. Really bad timing. xD Debbie were creating feigned “anger comments” to send to Row, which we laughed at heartily.

We said goodbye at about 8:30PM, and I went to sleep tired but happy. Can’t wait for another night out. :)

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  1. Can't wait for another bonding moment with you guys! Favorite part of the day: Asking questions with The Book of Answers. "nandito ba sa Greenbelt ang soulmate(?) or future boyfriend (?) (teka ano nga ba dyan sa dalawa yun question??) ni airiz .... answer. NEVER.. hahahaha