Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One of the best days of my life?

I’m very much like Looking for Alaska’s Takumi Hikohito when it comes to dreams.  One of the best days of my life hasn't happened yet. That will be the day when I'll drive my parents in my own car to their own house, and then I'll hand them the keys and tell them its all theirs. I’ll give them the life they didn’t have while being happy in living the life I choose for myself.

I once swore never to explain myself to people who will never understand, but I’ll give them the simplest tidbits they don’t seem to get: 
  1. My goals don’t revolve only around my chosen career.
  2. My dreams are never just about myself.
  3. My family is a big chunk of this lofty star I’m trying to reach.
I’m trying to juggle my happiness and my loved ones’ happiness here, and it so happens that a third factor must be involved: money. No need for the usual philosophical word vomit here. Sometimes, no matter how deep you are submerged in your own ocean of dreams and aspirations, you have  to resurface to reality: money may not be everything, but it does matter. Such a simple fact in life.

It just irks me to the core when I hear judgmental people talking about how wrong I was to discard the opportunity they’ll rather have. They don’t even know the whole story…which is partly my fault, because I didn’t bother to spill all the reasons for my decision. If I could, I would throw the said opportunity to their faces since they want it so bad! :(

I’m happy about my choice, and that’s what matters. I just hope some people mind their own businesses. Someday, I’ll be able to show them I took the right pathand perhaps that, too, will be one of the best days of my life.

/rant and drama


  1. "money may not be everything, but it does matter. Such a simple fact in life." *smile and hug*
    Basta ko, I support your decisions and I respect it. I realized that in this world we live in, we should not be selfish to just reach for our dreams. We should also consider our family. I've been hearing comments about your decision but I always tell them that "Hindi niyo lang talaga naiintindihan." I support you all the way, girl. We are all in this together. :)

    1. I've been hearing comments about your decision but I always tell them that "Hindi niyo lang talaga naiintindihan." --> Really? Comments like what? I have a hunch this one's different from the people I'm referring to in this post. Pero I can guess, since SOBRANG KONTI lang ng may alam about my situation, hehe.

      Yeah, nako many people don't understand. What's sad about it is yung mga tao pang kala mo super nakakaalam (na di naman talaga) yung pang naglalabas ng disappointing reactions.

      Not that it matters. I'll say goodbye na sa judgments nila haha. This post will be the epilogue to this part of my life. ;p Thanks! And let's do this! Kaya natin to! :))

    2. basta, sila sila yun. Pinipigilan ko na nga lang magalit eh. Basta lagi kong sinasabi, "DI NIYO KASI ALAM! Kung kayo din siguro yung nasa sitwasyon, yun din maiisip niyong gawin." Akala kasi nila ganun lang kadali ang lahat.. Pero bahala na sila! Basta, I support you always!

    3. Haha. Kung sino man yang SILA-SILA, good luck to them. Wala naman talagang may alam ng whole story. xD Salamuuuch!

  2. Well said Airiz. Very nicely written and inspiring :) Thanks for the post! Best regars from Indonesia :D