Friday, December 2, 2011

Words of Wisdom from the Halfman

Tyrion Lannister is perhaps one of the most interesting in A Game of Thrones so far. Unlike the heartbreakingly beautiful twins Jaime and Cersei, he is not really a sight to behold; he’s a midget with mismatched eyes, much like a stray cat that found a way inside a rich man’s mansion.

But what makes him interesting is that despite everything that he is deprived of, he does not appear as a pitiful character. He follows the quote above, and survives because of it. His self-deprecatory humor, wit, and sarcasm adds a layer to his characterization, and beneath all of this is a sad story of a man who once fell in love. :’(

I’m not done with the book at the moment because of how busy I got recently, but so far he’s my favorite Lannister. I’m having a little change of heart about Cersei after I rewatched the series…I’m beginning to actually like her.

More when I finished the book. :p


  1. Tyrion is one of favorite characters as well. He makes me root for the Lannister's... Which sucks, because it's hard to root for opposing teams. Haha

  2. I know what you mean! :D Tyrion is sometimes just irresistible in his own way!

  3. I have always enjoyed characters who use their brains instead of power, money or looks. And Tyrion is fair and good in his won way.

  4. Intelligent characters are really so appealing, I agree! I also love characters that feel real to the readers, those that are well-written! Cersei seems to garner a lot of hate from the fandom, but that's only many do not see the line between a good "person" and a great "character." :) I'm really slowly warming up to her....