Monday, December 12, 2011

This is one of the few things I’m always telling myself whenever I feel down…


There are a thousand reasons why Neil Gaiman is my hero, but one of the most significant is his writings: the ones I had embedded in my heart and head, those that I can relive and dredge up just when I needed them. Like the panels above, from one of The Sandman spinoffs about the character Death.

They help me get through the day, in some ways, especially when I think a single piece of jigsaw fell off the whole picture of my life. I’m not exactly feeling blue right now—I think I’m stuck between the black of sad and the white of happiness, my emotions coming in all shades of gray. Maybe it’s just stress; maybe it’s because I’m just thinking too much. Whatever it is, I have Gaiman to thank for giving me a metaphorical pill for a wee turmoil in my heart. Or emptiness. Or whatever nondescript emotional state it is.

God’s here, too, of course. I never forget that.

Writing this down feels like squeezing stress balls, haha! I won't make this post long. I know I'll be able to wave a dreamland-bound cab with a smile on my face, just with a little prayer and lessons that stories taught me. :)

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