Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things that Made me Smile Today (21-30)

This day as a whole isn’t anywhere near good, but there are a few things that still teased out a smile from my lips. That’s what really matters, I guess...a day without a smile is indeed a day wasted. :)

Again if you don’t know what this list is all about, refer to this post.
21. My little sister preparing breakfast for me. It’s quite touching, and for someone as lazy as Aila it’s already an achievement. Haha! I was running late this morning and she made it while I was taking a bath.
22. Changing bags, finding my old inhaler…and realizing I haven’t used it for a long time now. :) This is a tad ironic because lately I'm quite sure I was having the most exhausting time of my life. But probably not. ;)
23. The four-piece STUDIO 5 paintbrush set that hangs near my bunk’s headboard like a dreamcatcher. When I cleaned my drawers sometime ago, I threw out all the emptied paint tubes and the dirty palette, but I decided to keep these paintbrushes along with my sketchpads. Their presence always reminds me to continue drawing/painting. Talent that goes rusty will not remain a talent for long, they say. :) 
24. Bookstores. Enough said. 
25. Getting a very long assignment done…finally. 
26. All my kid-cousins trying to comfort me after I lost my phone (it’s ridiculously cute, now that I look at it). 
27. Going back to the book I should have finished a long time ago, apologetically turning the pages as if it would understand why my time for it is diminishing drastically these past few days. And then I’ll get drawn into the story, and because of that I’ll feel as if it has sort of forgiven me. It’s true what they say: if books were people, they were the true best friends that will never leave us. We may turn our backs to them at some point, but they will continue waiting until we pick them up again. 
28. Listening to a song that is the epitome of all poetic lyrics—Northern Downpour by Panic at the Disco—after a few weeks of not playing it in my iTunes. Now I can’t stop replaying it, haha! 
29. A half-remembered dream about my high school classmates. It includes my friends Jestoni and Arbin, and from what I can remember we’re hanging around a sari-sari store near our house, talking about “chicken fingers,” a brand of nuggets they ate here at home when they last visited. 
30. Holding my grandaunt in my arms for the first time. Yes! I don’t hold babies that are less than a month old because I think I may break their fragile little limbs. Fiona looks stronger and bigger now. :p

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