Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things that Made me Smile Today (11-20)

If you’re wondering what this list is all about, check out this post.
11. My one-month-old grandaunt pouting and making little weepy noises when my father is trying to pinch her cheeks lightly. My mother is chiding him about it, but mostly only playfully. Sometimes they’re treating Fiona like their own little newborn! Haha. 
12. My father’s old collection of shuttlecocks, which I happened upon this morning when I was looking for my shoes under the bed. 
13. Rewatching an episode of GW, an old anime, before leaving the house. It’s Episode 12: Bewildered Warriors, and my favorite scene is when Trowa laughs for the first time after Heero cracks a morbid joke. Both characters are stereotyped by the fandom as robotic individuals—stoic and taciturn all the time—but they’re really not. 
14. Playlists in my cellphone, the ever-shuffling soundtracks of my everyday jeepney and train trips. 
15. The cityscape in broad daylight from the 17th floor of the Enterprise Building. 
16. Making a new friend in a room full of Grammar Nazis. 
17. Trying so hard not to laugh in the crowded bus after hearing an FM station’s hilarious joke. At that moment I was so regretting not plugging in my earphones, but now that I think about it, I’m kind of glad. Otherwise I wouldn’t have learned of that little joke (my sister said it’s corny, but I think she said that just to oppose me—we’re always like that, haha). 
18. The short walk home, when I pondered about lots of things going on in my life right now. 
19. My sister sharing the major details of her school day, starting by ranting about the fickle administration of their university. It’s said that they’re changing the name of the school again. 
20. Convo with Tumblr friends. :)

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